V-Slot Linear Actuator

Actuator Kit Now Available


V-Slot Linear Actuator prototype plates cut from 3mm perspex. There are two end plates (same design) and a modification of the standard V-Slot Gantry Plate.


The gantry plate is 100mm long (instead of the standard 127mm) to fit within the width of the actuator. An Acme Nut Block is mounted underneath and driven by an 8mm Metric Lead Screw. Four Solid V-Wheels (2 with eccentric spacers) guide the gantry along the v-slot.


The two end plates are the same. They have mounting holes for both NEMA17 and NEMA23 stepper motors. There is a recess for a 16mm wide bearing, similar to the Thread Rod Plates, that allows for a 688Z bearing in combination with an 8mm Lock Collar to be used to support the lead screw. Four DIA5.5mm holes allow for the two rails of 2040 V-Slot to be fastened at each end. Another hole below the bearing recess can be used to secure a length of 2060 V-Slot to the bottom of the mechanism if required.


The slots of the two 2040 V-Slot rails are at 80mm centers so the actuator can be mounted onto the Ox Plates as a Z-Axis.


The final plates will all be in 3mm thick black brushed aluminum.

Actuator Plates





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